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As Grobania Turns
The Meddling M’s
Posted by FreeJGFan at 10:16 pm in Darkside, War

In fights, there are always rubberneckers and those who join the fight late in the game. There are also those who try to step in as referee when it’s really none of their business. Such are the cases of two recent newcomers to the War, both who go by the initial M.

One of them, a Mr. M., who recently decided to act as a supposed peacemaker, has turned out not to be so neutral after all. In a recent comment in the Grobania blogosphere, he said:

I support the darksiders’ efforts to shut down Ms. Miller’s site and do agree that Ms. Miller needs help of some sort but for now, adding comments just adds fuel to the fire and exacerbates an already touchy situation. If both side truly want this fight to end, let it go until the comments are warrented. We all need to remember that The Artist is our priority and not revenge upon Ms. Miller.

Ah, so Mr. M. supports the Darkside, does he? At least he calls them by their rightful and original name rather than the silly “Rightside” moniker that they subsequently adopted. But sadly, Mr. M. has obviously not been told the whole truth about the Darkside’s modus operandi during the War, or has been blinded by his Darkside friends. Or perhaps in his mind, the ends justify the means.

Mr. M. seems like a reasonable person. How could he justify the horrific tactics carried out by the Darkside against Louise, just to shut down her site? Was it ethical to cyberbully her by making false reports about her to her job? Or pretending to be a lawyer and calling Louise’s house, threatening a lawsuit against her and claiming that The Artist (aka Josh Groban) was going to be a part of it?

As for the Artist being a priority and not revenge—sorry, Mr. M., but your friends never heeded your sentiments before, and they certainly will not now. If they were so concerned about the Artist’s reputation, why did they say some of the most hateful things to Louise and members of the Pub, in Josh’s name? And what about the horrid Photoshops, depicting Josh in lurid poses? What if some new fans had come across them? No, revenge was always a priority with them. They were enraged that Louise dared to ban them from the Pub. How else can you explain the many unethical things they did, such as digging up Louise’s children’s MySpaces, and raiding other Pub members’ Photobucket accounts to find their personal photos, just so they could turn them into degrading and insulting Photoshopped pictures?

While we all would like to have the fight over and be done with, Mr. M. would be naive to think that this is so easily accomplished. Sure, Louise Miller has said and done things that have caused people to dislike her, but what she did in no way justified the treatment she received in return from the Darkside, who, in many people’s minds, treated her ten times worse and went beyond all bounds of decency. They brazenly deny all wrongdoing. When confronted, they either lie or blame the victim. If I were Mr. M., I would think twice before being friends with them. They are the type of people who would resort to any means to tear down and destroy someone, or in the case of some who dared to speak up against their unjust tactics, they banned those members of for no good reason.

If anyone needs a reminder of what the Darkside bullies did during the height of the War, see my photographic evidence page, quotes page and list of dastardly deeds that the Darkside committed. They can try to rationalize it or justify their actions any way they want, but the facts remain the facts. What they did was unethical, hateful, petty, and yes, it was cyberbullying. No wonder Louise thinks that anyone who sides with the Darkside sides with a group of cyberbullies. Perhaps the reasoning is not always justified, but in Mr. M’s case, though he may have good intentions, he comes dangerously close to endorsing a group of cyberbullies, perhaps without knowing it. Surely any impartial observer can see that his objectivity has been clouded by his endorsement of his Darkside friends.

One more thing–Mr. M. counseled his friends to stand by and see what Louise does. But does he understand that it was the Darkside that were the aggressor in many of the actions they took to crush Louise and her site? Louise predictably reacted to their actions with more drama of her own. While I did not agree with a lot of her responses and actions, it seemed that the Darkside were more than happy to fuel the fire and make her even more emotionally distraught than she already was. Certainly none of this was helpful to Mr. Groban. So where was Mr. M.’s admonition to the Darkside to watch what they say and do and not renew the war or their bullying tactics against Louise? Or does all only depend on Louise, as if she were public enemy #1 in Grobania?

My advice to Mr. M: stop meddling and truly get both sides of the story before you can claim to be an impartial peacemaker. And watch your back, because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and I’m not talking about Louise Miller.

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Josh the Hollywood Liberal
Posted by FreeJGFan at 11:44 am in Josh Groban, Politics

Slowly but surely, Josh has been publicly revealing his political preferences. I think a lot of his conservative fans are going to be disappointed. He’s going to sing for Obama, and will probably follow in Barbra Streisand’s footsteps as a liberal Democrat. This explains a lot about Josh’s past decisions, if he tows the line that most Hollywood stars do.

So what can we expect from Josh in the future? Will he give us strident political opinions as he hits middle age? Will he openly rail against Republicans and conservatives? He seems like such a nice guy right now. I think he will turn off a lot of fans, and win some other new ones if he does. Time will tell. He probably stands left of center on a lot of issues, such as gay marriage, abortion, etc.

But now we can say this for sure: Josh is no different than the majority of Hollywood in his political views. He’s no different! Just one of the good ol’ libs. Not exactly a Bible-believing, conservative Christian. I think those Christian bookstores should stop selling his CDs, if they haven’t already.

Josh at the Emmys
Posted by FreeJGFan at 10:45 am in Josh Groban

Catching up on Josh at the Emmys - I thought he did really well, even though I was surprised that he rapped.

I think what made it a bit surprising also was the fact that he sang all of the television theme songs in a tux. Somehow, those songs seemed to go with more casual wear.

It was nice to see him try something new. On the other hand, I don’t think that he should be doing this often. I wasn’t surprised when he said that he reached back into high school to help him perform. His acting did seem a bit amateurish. But everybody’s gotta start somewhere, right?

For some reason, though, seeing him perform at the Emmys was a bit depressing. Maybe it’s because of the commercial nature of television and of the Emmys show. Not that Josh isn’t a commercial artist, but he was always in his own niche, so to speak, and therefore special. I don’t think most people see him as a purely commercial musician. The more commercial and widely-known he gets, the less accessible he will become to his fans.

I’m not surprised that the performance received mixed reviews. He was probably the last person some would have thought of to sing jingles. I’m sure that some were relieved that each song was only 30 seconds, while others wanted more. I think that he took a good risk and it came out all right.

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Josh’s Foray Into Opera?
Posted by FreeJGFan at 4:23 pm in Josh Groban, Opera

Josh Groban and opera…. hmmmm…

He’s three years shy of 30, but recently, when Josh attended the L.A. Opera’s first performance of the season, where he hugged men who were so much older than him, I began to wonder if his musings about a classical career had possibly taken a more serious turn?

It might have been just a silly supposition, except for the fact that two days ago the news also emerged that Josh had recorded a duet with Placido Domingo in Italian! Unless Placido is planning on crossing over into pop territory, I’m going to consider the possibility that Josh might be testing the musical waters to see how he performs singing with another classical tenor? Until we hear a clip of “La Tua Semplicit√†,” we won’t know.

Maybe it was just a one-up performance, designed to stretch Josh’s musical boundaries. Or we just might see Josh enjoying more operatic performances and rubbing elbows with the likes of Placido Domingo more often. As he heads for the big 3-0, his career should be exciting to watch.

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The Future of the Grobania Blogosphere
Posted by FreeJGFan at 4:07 pm in Grobania

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks now, but never got around to it. Suffice it to say that since then, more and more blogs have been popping up all over Grobania, heralding vastly different opinions, exaggerations, and falsehoods (and there are those that strive for truth, too). I’m not surprised, since the Grobanian War has become a drama that threatens to overshadow Josh Groban himself. Every fan who has an opinion wants to make hers known, so what better way than to use a blog as their soapbox or weapon of choice?

I laugh, too, because I wouldn’t be surprised if once again, the DS members, of whom Gin-Gin is the newest one, are showing their lack of originality by copying a good idea when they see one, just to use it for their own distorted purposes. The level of sheer hatred expressed in some of their blogs towards Louise and other Pubbers is breathtaking.

But where have I seen this type of biased and deranged punditry recently? The pre-election media frenzy against Sarah Palin, of course. Both the mainstream media and internet bloggers have done some seriously ill-informed and biased reporting, but the internet bloggers were the ones who spread most of the vicious rumors about Governor Palin.

I think Josh had better blog more regularly and hope that he never incurs the wrath of the new Grobanite bloggers. It is entirely possible that someday one or more of them could turn against him and start to spread nasty rumors and lies about him like they are currently doing to other fans (even those who are not Pubbers). I imagine that it would only have a deleterious effect on his career, even if it gains him some notoriety. With fans like these, who needs enemies?

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Call for Stories
Posted by FreeJGFan at 9:42 am in Announcements

If you or someone you know have been mistreated on the or boards, or banned, or if any other unfair incidents occurred that you would like to share, I would like to know about it.

Please leave me a comment for this post with your information. I will not publish the comment unless you give me permission to do so. I will be compiling a list of incidents for this site. Any specific details such as the date of the incident would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Another Grobania Exile
Posted by FreeJGFan at 9:32 am in Bannings,

The Board Police, who have solemnly sworn to protect and serve Josh (from fans they don’t like) have arbitrarily banned Janette (Almondroca). Not that it was much of a surprise to Janette. She details her banning at her blog, here:

Janette’s Blog

Just in case for some reason her MySpace suddenly goes “poof,” I will be making a copy of it, of course.

Janette certainly didn’t deserve the banning (like most of the bannings that the BP do), but hey, this is Grobania High, remember? If you’re not part of the popular crowd, they’ll find some way to get you in trouble and expel ya.

But just like baby birds who get kicked out of the nest, they get a chance to learn how to fly—and most will soar. I’m sure Janette has better things to do going forward. Best wishes to her.

TJGG Is…. Back!
Posted by FreeJGFan at 9:18 am in Nay

Well….. should I say, “I told ya so?” Back when Nay first announced that she was going to shut it down, I didn’t believe it, especially since she had no need to do so. Turns out that the thumbtacked farewells were all just part of a publicity stunt, after all. Sure, she remained closed for a lot longer than I thought she would, but why put all of the members of and FOJG through that? Because she has management’s official sanction, of course. I surmise that if WBR were to allow it, one could get away with murder in the name of Josh Groban.

Guess what, Nay? Congratulations, you just pulled a “Louise.” Except that Louise shut the Pub down numerous times due to attacks and harrassment. And you shut down TJGG for…. no good reason. Ah, gratuitous self-promotion at its best!

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Josh on Lovelines
Posted by FreeJGFan at 11:29 pm in Josh Groban

I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but so far the consensus on Lovelines is that it was… big yawn….. In an apparently highly unusual move, the show’s hosts focused on talking about Josh’s music instead of his love life. Yay! And Josh discreetly avoided the one question about his intimate details that I really don’t want to know. Hooray to Josh for showing some discretion.

And if anyone is really that interested, here’s a blog where they discussed Josh last week. Some comments on there would probably be deleted in a flash on (warning: gutter minds).

Livejournal link

Nay’s Apology
Posted by FreeJGFan at 3:32 pm in Nay

When I have made a mistake, I own up to it. For that reason, there is one thing that I would like to offer a public apology for. I never should have said that Josh hated anyone. I will not debate the truth in that statement or justify my reasons for saying it. I have always had a personal policy that I never spoke for Josh or put words in his mouth, and in my anger and desperation to make the harassment stop, I broke my own rule. I had no right to speak for him without his permission, so to anyone I may have hurt with that statement, and especially to Josh himself, I apologize. It was catty, and I am not a catty person. It won’t happen again.

Thank you, Nay, for the apology. It’s nice to know that Josh doesn’t hate anyone personally (hopefully, I still wonder if that supposed incident where he called Louise a ____tard is true). A lot of tears were shed because of those hateful words, and a lot of jeers and taunts happened because of them too. I’m glad that you decided to take to heart Josh’s admonition to be nice and that for his sake, you won’t make statements like that again. With you taking the high road, maybe peace can be restored in Grobania again.


As Grobania Turns